Top Five Web Resources for Adoptive Parents

With the wealth of information available on the internet, it can be hard to tell what resources are good and which should be avoided. Here is a top five list of what I think is “the best of the web” for adoptive parents.


This is a huge website with information on all things adoption. It is a great starting point for beginners and a great resource for those in every stage of the process. There are forums for adopted people, birth parents and for adoptive parents. You also can find information on adopting from specific countries, through the foster care system or how to begin a domestic infant adoption.

2. Adoption Learning Partners

This website is a great place to learn more about adoption and how it will affect you. There are online courses (almost all are free) on all sorts of topics such as adoptive parenting, transracial adoption, the adoption tax credit and more. The courses are user-friendly and very informative.

3. Attach-China

This is a great website on attachment. It is not just for people adopting from China. It provides great tips for how to prepare for your adopted child and where to turn if your child struggles with attachment. It is a great place to begin learning about adoption and attachment.


This website has lots of great articles for birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted people. It covers all sorts of topics including helping children stay connected to their culture, helping them to understand adoption and dealing with transracial issues. The articles on the website are easy to read and provide a wealth of information. They are written by adoptive parents, birth parents and also those who were adopted.

5. A Forever Family

This is another website about attachment. It specifically talks about how attachment can still be an issue even when you adopt a baby. It provides information on what signs to watch for and also what to do to help your child attach to you. Hopefully, you won’t experience attachment difficulties with your child, but if you do encounter some of these problems then you will be prepared for them.