Top Scrapbooking Articles of 2007

Every scrapbooker is different. There are different levels that we are at, different styles we use, different techniques we try and different articles and layouts we seek.

Several weeks ago, I sent out an email to my scrapbooking pals (22 responded) and requested that they help me out with a poll I was conducting. I asked them to go back through 2007 (January through October) and figure out what their very favorite scrapbooking articles were for each month. I emailed a wide range of scrapbookers from different areas, different levels of experience and different styles so that I would get a general consensus of the most helpful and favorite articles.

Once I got all the emails back from everyone, I chose five from each month that showed up the most often on people’s lists, because these were obviously the favorites for that month. Then, I posted them in poll format for each individual month (up until October) and asked people to choose their top three favorite articles for each month. These are the top favorite scrapbooking articles from each month resulting from that final poll.


The Journaling Guide (this was a 100% vote)


All New Budget Scrapbooking Supplies

Different Uses for Scrapbooking Supplies

Overcoming Scrappers Block


Dispelling Scrapbooking Misconceptions

The Imperfect Scrapbook Life

Another Year of Scrapbooking


Organization: Learning About Storage Solutions (and the whole series was a big hit!)

What Are You Forgetting to Photograph in Your Child’s Life

Seasonal Colors For Scrapbooking


Ideas for Scrapbooking Tool Organization

Getting Paid to Scrapbook

Teaching Scrapbooking Classes


How I Organize My Monthly Kits

Networking With Other Scrapbooking Friends

Remembering The Memories


Are You Afraid to Scrapbook?

Portraits and Layouts

Layout Idea Storage


What To Do When You Don’t Have a Scrap Space

Setting Up Your Scrap Area

Scrapbooking With Found Items


Scrapbooking Purses and Handbags

Creating a Theme Album

Are Those Idea Books Any Good?


The Coordinated Scrapbook Page

How To Store Leftover Photographs

Planning a Scrapbooking Crop

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