Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Goblins and ghouls will be on the prowl in your neighborhood very soon. In a few days, the neighborhood kids will be traveling from door to door looking for candy. We are going to see some different styles of costumes this year. Be prepared.

Here is a list of the top ten costumes for this year:

*Twister Girl Costume: This costume looks as if they took the Twister game pad, wrapped it around the girl and put a belt on it. It’s really kind of cute, in a goofy way. The spinner hat looks like a miniature version of the real thing.
*Jack Sparrow Costume: Why is everyone so fascinated with pirates? The Jack Sparrow pirate costume is rather appealing. Boots, buckles and pirate hats, these little swashbucklers are on search for their booty, the ole candy bucket. Be prepared to give them a tasty treat this Halloween.
*Transformers Bumblebee Costume: This costume consists of a jumpsuit, mask, toy arm weapon and chest piece.
*Captain America Costume: A classic superhero! A jumpsuit and Captain America mask make this costume look like the real deal.
*Pink Crayola Crayon Costume: A pink Crayola crayon dress with matching crayon tip hat are a bright and colorful costume for your little girl. A long sleeved pink or black top with pink or black tights or pants make for an adorable costume.
*Prima Ballerina Costume: Every little girl dreams of becoming a beautiful ballerina. A leotard with matching tights and tutu make this costume very feminine.
*Boy Skeleton Costume: A black shirt and black pants with screen printed skeleton bones in white are a popular choice for boys to wear this Halloween.
*Girl Skeleton Costume: A black shirt and pants with pink “bones” screen printed on the front make this costume scary, but also a wee bit girly.
*Wolverine Costume: The yellow jumpsuit with matching character mask are what many boys are choosing during this fun holiday.
*Disney Character Princess: It doesn’t matter which Disney character princess you will be, as they are all beautiful. It would be such a difficult choice, but personally I would have to pick Cinderella.

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