Top Ten LDS Movies

I have to say that I love that LDS Cinema has finally begun to come into its own. I really enjoy watching movies, and my husband was a film student at BYU, so he makes sure that we see all of the movies. I am going to list my top ten in order.

10. “Johnny Lingo” And I mean the original. I just love this movie, and felt that I had to include it. It has become such a part of our culture.

9. “Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy” This is a good adaptation of the novel by Jane Austin, with a more modern twist.

8. “God’s Army” This movie was directed by Richard Dutcher. He really started the whole movement with this story of missionaries. It is an enjoyable movie to watch.

7. “Charly” This is an adaptation of Jack Weyland’s novel “Charly.” I always put this in when I need a good cry. It is a love story with some truly funny moments, as well as a few heart-wrenching ones.

6. “The R.M.” This is the story of a recently returned missionary, and how his adjustment to being home isn’t exactly as perfect as he pictured it.

5. “The Work and the Glory” This is an adaptation of the first book in “The Work and the Glory” series by Gerald Lund. I thought that it was very well done.

4. “Single’s Ward” This is a great movie. It is the story of a single comedian and his journey back to activity.

3. “The Other Side of Heaven” This is the story of Elder John H Groberg’s mission.

2. “Mobsters and Mormons” I just like this one because it is so funny. It is the story of family who goes into the witness protection program and they end up being placed in Utah.

1. And my all time favorite movie is “The Best Two Years.” It is the story of a missionary who is struggling with why he served a mission. It is a well-balanced movie in which you can feel the spirit, but still spend time laughing.

These are some of my favorites, although the order may change on any given day. But I so stand by my number one choice. It is my very favorite of all the movies. I also thought it was good that I had more then ten to choose from. What are your favorites?