Tornado Warnings and Students at School

The weather is something that at times can be impossible to predict. While technology is giving us more of a heads up on when severe weather will occur, it is still hard to predict wind changes and other such factors that change the course of storms and wintery forecasts.

Many of you heard or read about the tornados and storms that passed across the southern states last week. During these storms, many students were in school.

Anytime that there is a threat of serve weather, teachers and administrators take a special plan of action to protect the children. Children are placed into determined school safe zones and quickly accounted for. The children are kept in these safe zones until the threat is over. The threats usually come from the tornado warnings given by the weather center and tornado sirens that go off in towns and cities.

As expected, parents panic when their children are at school during severe storms. Many parents begin to call the school or come to the school to pick their children up. This can cause quite a disturbance among the teachers and students. During these times, the largest majority of the teachers and staff at the school are busy tending to children who are scared and making sure that all children are where they should be in order to be safe. There are fewer office members available to answer calls from parents.

While some schools will allow parents to check their children out of school during the tornado lock-down times, many will not. During any type of lock down, whether it is due to weather or intruder, most schools do not allow students to pass out of or into the building.

This angers many parents. They feel that they should be able to get their child any time that they wish. In many ways I agree. However if the weather is severe enough for the students to be in a lock-down then the parents should not be taking the risk of being out on the roads with their family. They would be safer to come to the school and stay with their children rather than leaving with them.

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