Toronto Votes for Afrocentric Schools

For many years our country has fought for every American to have equal opportunities. In most of our eyes having equal opportunities has meant for all people to have the same experiences. This includes eating at the same restaurants, riding the same buses, and going to the same schools.

Canada has now decided that this form of equality may not be giving everyone the same opportunities in life.

The Toronto School Board voted to allow the creation of a black-focus school. The board met and allowed speakers from both sides to debate the issue. The vote ended with 11 to 9 in favor of the new school.

Those opposed to the school feared that the segregation of the students would be sending us back in the wrong direction.

Those who spoke in favor of the new school stated that they felt the black students were not given equal opportunities at the regular schools.

Toronto has been facing a 40% dropout rate among its black students. The creation of the school would be an attempt to keep more black students in school and out of jail and off of the streets.

The plan is to open an Afrocentric school in 2009. The school program will be expensive. However, the school will teach the children about black heritage and hopefully give them pride in their past and ancestors. The school will also work with colleges to give the students a dream for their future.

In addition to opening this school, the board plans to offer programs with an Afrocentric focus in regular schools.

I lean a little toward both sides of this issue. I do believe in equal opportunities for all. However, what is good for one may not be best for another. Therefore if sending our students to the same school with the same classes does not allow for the same opportunities then an alternative method should be sought. However, I am not certain that complete division is the answer.

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