Toss the Bread

Today is Black Friday and many are rushing from store to store trying to get the best holiday deals. Stores are packed and the ratio of sale items in stock and customers ready to buy are not good odds for shoppers. You are rushed, focused, and building up an appetite. Who has time to sit down to a good healthy meal much less stop at home for a good lunch? Timing is everything on Black Friday. So when there is nothing healthy that is fast what can you do?

Toss the Bread: Chances are you will want to stop at fast food restaurant to fill up before heading to the next store. Not much is good for dieters at fast food chains. To increase your chances of eating within your dieting boundaries toss the bread on your sandwich. You will you save yourself carbs, starch and calories.

Order Chicken: When you order chicken make sure it is grilled and you will save yourself hundreds of calories and several grams of fat.

Hold the mayo: Leave off the mayo or special sauces where added fat and calories like to hide.

Order Water: Do not fill up on empty calories and sugar from soda. When ordering out order water or unsweetened ice tea with your meal to satisfy your thirst without the extra calories.

Salad: If salad or soup is an option then that will be your best bet to save on fat and calories. Be mindful of dressing, cheese, or high fat cream soups.

Parfaits: If you a snack is all you need then instead of ordering a small fry order a yogurt parfait. You will save yourself 20 grams of fat!

Fast food is never a great option but if your hunger and circumstances dictates it a must then be wise in your choices.

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