Toys for Muslim Children

Although Muslim children can play with many of the same toys as their non-Muslim counterparts, sometimes it’s nice to have toys that were made specifically for Muslims. With Islamic toys, we don’t have to worry about inappropriate clothing or language or questionable morals. Here are some links to games, toys, coloring pages, and stories made just for Muslim children:

  • Razanne — Most young girls love dolls and many adore Barbie. Barbie can be fun and educational. However, with her tank tops, mini skirts, bikinis, and lifelong boyfriend, she doesn’t exactly embody Islamic values! Razanne is the Muslim’s answer to Barbie. Razanne wears hijab and conservative clothing. She comes in a variety of skin, eye, and hair colors.
  • Race to the Kaba — Kids of all ages, both boys and girls, love board games. While most games have children striving for fame or fortune, Race to the Kaba encourages children to strive for Islamic knowledge. Participants answer questions about the 99 names of Allah as they race to the Kaba!
  • Little Farah Talking Doll — Little Farah is an adorable 12″ doll, dressed in hijab and conservative dress. She says 11 Islamic phrases in both Arabic and English. Some phrases include: Assalamu Alaikoum, En Sha Allah, Bismillah, and Alhamdulillah.
  • Sawab Quest — This online quiz game is appropriate for both adults and children. Test your Islamic knowledge right on your own computer — for free!
  • Islamic Garden — Islamic Garden offers links to a variety of online and print activities for Muslim children. There are coloring pages, stories, Koranic recitation, and more.
  • In the Beginning Quran Stories for Little Hearts Puzzle Book — This jigsaw puzzle is geared for children aged 4-8. It is unique in that it features Quranic (Koranic) stories on the pieces. Children complete a Koran story by completing the puzzles!
  • Madinah Salat Fun Game — This board game is geared towards children aged 8 to adult. It teaches all about Salat (prayer), including the five daily prayers, the words and meanings, and the special prayers offered at different times.
  • Mecca to Medina Game — This board game is geared towards children ages 8 and up. This game requires players to use strategic playing and maneuvering to travel between the two Holy cities.

There are many other games geared towards Muslim youth, but this should get you started. I’ll cover more in another blog. Until then, Assalamu Alaikoum.