Trading Spaces

You don’t have to go on the hit TV show to trade spaces. This idea is a little different. For this project, you won’t need to leave home. You’ll just trade furnishings and accessories from one space to another. This is a really great way to get more bang for your buck, especially when decorating kids’ spaces. Your children can literally trade rooms if they like (and if it’s okay with you of course) or they can just trade stuff.

The idea is to get an entirely different look and feel in the other child’s space. For example, if one child had a red comforter and blue accents throughout the room, you might use that same comforter in another room with white or black accents for a completely different look.

Furniture can also be traded to give a space a fresh feel. A dark nightstand from your teenage son’s room might look great in your little girl’s room after a coat of white paint.

Maybe one of your older kids has outgrown an item such as a child size rocking chair. Put it in a younger child’s room and fill it with stuffed animals. Take a straight back chair from that room and trade it so your older child has a desk chair.

You might still need to purchase a few items (like a desk for the older child) or a few new accessories, but you can stretch your time and money a long way by trading stuff from room to room.

You might even decide that you’re tired of the décor in your own room, and since the bedding and curtains in the guest room are hardly used, you might want to trade to freshen up your space. With a little paint and a few new accent pieces, your room will feel like new.


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