Traditional Bunny Cake

I thought everyone knew about this bunny cake, because I’ve been making it for Easter since I was a little kid, and now my kids make it. This is a picture of my daughter a couple of years ago with the bunny cake she made at my Grandma’s house. (Just for the record that’s not a singing Bass on the wall behind her. It’s a real trout caught by my Grandpa in the snake river that runs behind their house.)

I just assumed the bunny cake was one of those things that would be silly to write a blog about because everyone already knew about it. But I got an e-mail from a friend today that asked if I was going to write instructions for “that cute bunny cake you came up with,” because she couldn’t remember how to do it. She thought I’d come up with the idea myself. I’m flattered she thought I was so clever, but with no credit taken for my own self, here are instructions for the bunny cake. And if anyone knows the origin of this cake, I’d sure like to know!

Bake two round cakes and let cool. Cut one like so to make the ears and bow tie.

Assemble the cake like this:

Now frost with white frosting and decorate. We use white coconut for the head and ears and pink for the middle of the ears. To make pink coconut, put some coconut in a bag with a seal. Add a few drops of red food coloring and shake around until the coconut is evenly coated. We like to leave the bow tie just frosted for coconut haters (and it seems there’s always one in the crowd.)

Use string licorice for the whiskers and mouth and jelly beans or gumdrops for the eyes and to decorate the bow tie.