Traditional Vs. Digital

How do you make the decision to be a digital scrapbooker as opposed to a traditional scissor and paper scrapbooker? Well, as any life decision you make the one that works best for you. However, you can also weigh the options and see if there is one that makes more sense to you.

I am a paper and scissor scrapbooker, because I love the creativity possibilities it affords me. I like being able to alter items if I want, or create a card with my scraps. I also like the feel of the new supplies. I love the techniques that I use with my supplies. A digital scrapbooker doesn’t get all of those benefits.

Instead, they get different ones.

There is never a mess. It isn’t like there will be bits of paper or embellishments floating all over your scrap area. Everything you need is on your computer. You also don’t have to put anything away, so you are probably more capable of staying organized.

You can reuse the photograph over and over on different layouts without having to order additional prints. There is never any waste because the same items can be used as many times as you want and you can change the colors too.

It won’t take you hours to complete several pages, and it allows you to print multiple copies of your layouts for gift giving with no extra work or time.

There are a multitude of other reasons why digital scrapbooking could be for you, and hopefully before you make the switch you will ask lots of questions, try things out and find out for yourself which you prefer.

I love my computer, but I like working with my hands, and the creativity that traditional scrapbooking affords me, I could not get with digital. The same can be said in the opposite. Another scrapbooker might get tired of the mess, all the supplies, may not even feel very creative but can create beautiful artwork all at the touch of a button to open some software.

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