Trainer to Go for Those On The Go

One of the best things I ever invested in for myself personally was several weeks worth of training under the auspices of a personal trainer. It wasn’t cheap. Sessions were close to $60 an hour, but I got a discount down to $50 for booking 12 sessions at the beginning. If you do the math, yes that was $600 for 6 weeks of working with a personal trainer twice a week for an hour in each session.

Warming Up

If you’re blanching at the cost, you’re not alone. I felt the same way. However, when I decided to hire the personal trainer I did it for a variety of reasons. The primary one was I wanted to work out with someone who knew what they were doing as well as giving me a reason to go to the gym. I knew I wanted to get in shape. I knew I wanted to exercise. What I lacked was a motivator and support structure. I knew that by paying that money I would get the time and the attention and motivation that I needed.

It worked.

I ended up working with the personal trainer for another six months. She lowered the rates some when she started working independently of the gym, but the payoff I experienced in education, support and motivation was worth every single dime. Now realistically speaking, not everyone can afford a personal trainer. Some might argue that everyone can, but they would have to make sacrifices in their budget or their schedule in order to make it happen.

That’s a personal call and no one can make that decision for you. However, there’s a new service that I want to talk about today and it’s called, aptly enough: Trainer to Go. Developed by Heather Moreno and Mary Pearsall, Trainer to Go is designed for moms and dads who want to help themselves and value their health and fitness, but cannot realistically afford to work with a personal trainer on a regular basis.

Their solution, creating this alternative program, blends the expertise of two professional fitness trainers with a daily regimen of fitness and exercise that is designed around your lifestyle. Having come to similar conclusions independently, both Pearsall and Moreno have spent thousands of hours in research and development and more than two years of testing, tweaking and refining to develop their Trainer to Go system.

The Challenge

Trainer to Go is ideal for stay-at-home moms and on-the-go women alike. The 12 week system teaches women and men how to train themselves. People today are more concerned with finding the time, money and energy to take care of their families rather than the extra money to hire a personal trainer or go to the gym. It’s important to stay healthy and fit in order to meet the day to day challenges of caring for a family.

Designed to be a catalyst, the Trainer to Go system features web casts, message boards, individual responses, tapes and a workbook. By combining their knowledge, Pearsall and Moreno are offering people who invest in Trainer to Go the opportunity of having a personal trainer at their finger tips. Chock full of explanations, motivations, interviews and information on exercise and nutrition, the Trainer to Go relies on you to fire it up, but provides you with all the tools that make a personal trainer invaluable. An investment in the Trainer to Go package is an investment in self.

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