Trash Becomes Treasure

Have you seen the new show “Junk Brothers” on HGTV? I caught it the other night for the first time. These two brothers grab furniture left on the curb with the trash, and take it to their shop for a revamp. They go all out and when they’re done, the items are hardly recognizable. Then, they return the new and improved version to the home where they found it, ring the doorbell, and take off. They watch from the distance as delighted homeowners come out and examine their work.

Shows like “Junk Brothers” and “Trash to Treasure” are so cool. Have you ever taken something that seemed like junk and made it into something decorative or useful?

If you have a salvage center nearby your home, it could be a gold mine for items that can be made into unique accessories. You can also get some really good deals. Old cabinetry can be made into all kinds of cool things and so can old drawers. Small drawers from a child’s dresser make excellent shadow boxes.

You might also find some great molding to add to a space in your home. Hand carved molding with a rich patina, chips, crackled paint and all, would make a great addition to Shabby Chic décor. You can also use molding to change the look of existing furniture pieces.

Don’t skip past those antique stores that look like junk shops either. They are often the best places for interesting finds and incredible deals. Since aged, weathered, or distressed pieces make a home feel lived in, they tend to make a space more welcoming. They help create a casual atmosphere where people can kick back and relax.

You’ll also find that the quality of older items is often much better than some of today’s offerings. Solid wood pieces can often be purchased at prices comparable to furnishings made of pressboard and other low quality materials. Aside from the practical aspects, there is something charming about antiques, especially hand-crafted pieces.