Travel Album without Photos

On a recent trip to Chicago with my husband we had a wonderful time and took over 200 pictures. On the trip home our camera disappeared. Not only was I very sad about losing the camera, I was even more upset about losing all of the pictures. Since this happened, I have been thinking about ways I could document our trip without any of the fabulous pictures from our camera.

I’d like to share a few of my ideas with you.

Save memorabilia. Some of the items I would have normally thrown away where suddenly treasures once I no longer had any pictures. I am going to save the map that was used to get around town to chart out our activities for each day. Also, I am saving ticket stubs from all of the museums we went to.

Collect receipts. Since you collect receipts all throughout your day when on vacation, using the receipts in your album could be a fun way to show all of the places you went. It will also be fun to look back at this album on the future and see how prices have changed.

Journaling. This is now going to be the most important way for you to document your vacation. I recommend writing all of your thoughts down as soon after the event as possible so that you will be able to recall the most details.

Buy postcards. If you are able to buy post cards from the location you visited, pick up a few of your favorites. Even if they aren’t your own photos, at least you will have a few to show what the place you visited looked like.

Hopefully you never lose your camera on a vacation, but if you do, try to remember that all is not lost if you recreate your album with a variety of other thing besides your photos. I’ve also learned that we should have our phone number on our camera so that someone would know who to contact if the camera is found.