Travel Scrapbook

If you are like me, you take many pictures and collect a lot of memorabilia while traveling. By the time you arrive home, remembering everything you did each day can be almost impossible and organizing a pile of collected memorabilia can be daunting.

Last month while I was on a plane flying to Europe, I read an article from the March Creating Keepsakes Magazine titled “Studio A: Scrapbooking on the Road“ by Ali Edwards. It was the prefect inspiration to create a scrapbook about my vacation while I was still on vacation. By the time I arrived home, the album was finished (except for adding pictures.) You could also create this album without adding pictures by relying on your journaling and memorabilia picked up each day to tell the story of your vacation. I had too many great pictures to not include them in this album; I didn’t want to get home and then have to create a separate album to hold the photos.

Some materials that you will want to pack are:

A notebook or journal (for the album)
Journaling pen
Adhesive (I suggest Hermafix)
Stapler (fun way to attach some items)
Stickers/embellishments that would add to the album’s theme

Since I hadn’t planned on creating this album until I was on my way to my destination, it was a bit more challenging to collect the needed materials. I found a journal in a gift shop at a museum and the other items at a nearby market.

Tips for making this a successful travel scrapbook:

Take a few minutes each night to journal about the events of the day.

If you choose to include pictures, think about the pictures you took during the day and leave a space in your journaling to include them.

Use ticket stubs, plane boarding passes, menu, food labels or information from travel brochures to enhance the details of the album.

Keep it simple! This doesn’t need to showcase the latest techniques you have discovered. After all, you are on vacation; you probably won’t have a lot of time to spend on this project.

Create pockets out of small bags you received when buying souvenirs for holding things that you don’t want to cut up or adhere to the album.

Keep the album in your bag and pull it out when ever you have some down time. (Riding in the car, bus or plane or while waiting in line.)

If you are traveling with others, ask them about their most memorable parts of the day; it can help you remember thing that you had forgotten about.

Enjoy creating a project that you will always treasure!