Traveling During Pregnancy Part II

The day planned for our long drive as arrived!

Wake up and make breakfast! I prepared the veggies for our omlete the day before and set everything up for my latte the evening before too. I am not going to sacrifice the most important meal of the day nor my favorite meal of the day for travel. While the vegetables and sausage are cooking, I fill the cooler with the perishable foods that we are bringing with us, and make my yummy latte and I get all my morning prenatal vitamins together.

We are finishing up breakfast and I run upstairs to get dressed and gather all last minutes items together (things like contact solution and my phone charger). I also grab comfy travel clothes and a dry diaper and throw them to my husband downstairs so he can change our son. Then I finishing loading the car. Cooler goes in along with drinking water and my latte!

My husband hugs our son and buckles him into his “latched” car seat (we finally switched from the belt tether to the actual anchors). After more hugs and kisses, we are ready to begin our long drive. We wave goodbye to my husband and officially begin our trip just before 7AM (my projected time to be on the road)!

We are on the highway and the sun is just coming up! So far this is a great start to our long trip: it is early in the morning, the sun is shining, and the weather is cool (no air conditioning required … yet). After a few tracks of children’s music my son, lovingly holding his stuffed football, dozes off for his first nap of the trip! Our daughter on the other hand is very active this morning!

My son is starting to awake from his nap and promptly demands water and crackers. Predicting my son’s desires, both the water and snack bag full of crackers are in arms reach. It is also at this point that the reality of my pregnancy hits me … I have to pee!

(To be continued…)