Traveling During Pregnancy Part IV

It has been two hours since our first stop and we could use some gasoline in the car. I am fairly quickly able to find a big gas station right off the interstate, which makes for a much easier stop. While I am pumping the gas, I am also unbuckling my two year old so that we can make a quick run to the bathroom (at this point I am doing my I-have-to-pee-so-bad dance!). Once again I let the boy run a bit before getting back into the car to continue our trip! We also grab cheese and apples out of the cooler for a lunch snack.

Our trip is half over! We are still driving and making good progress. My sister calls to make sure that we are doing okay and to let us no that if we have any trouble with the directions to let you know. Apparently, the next major city can be kind of difficult to navigate through.

We are just outside the last major city before my sister’s city of residence. Plenty of people had warned me about the difficulty of going through this particular city. To ensure calm and concentration (I can never concentrate when I have to pee), we make another stop (it has been three hours since our last stop!) to get gas, go to the bathroom, and stretch our legs before we tackle the hardest part of our trip.

Here we are entering the city of difficult passage. There is construction! The construction makes finding my exit unclear and I miss it. I turn around at the next possible opportunity and luckily the signs are much clearer going in this direction. I easily find the correct exit which takes me into “town” with more construction.

We have finally made through all the construction and onto the next highway of our journey. I have a feeling that we are now a good thirty minutes behind schedule due to the construction delay. Let us just hope that it will be better on our way back through!

(To be continued …)