Traveling During Pregnancy Part V

We are on the last leg of our long drive. At this point we both need a snack. I have a bag with dry snacks and some apples. I pass some crackers back to my son and he says, “Thank you Mommy!” I have some peanuts and an apple as a snack which makes me think of caramel apples! Yum!

If we are on track and on time, we should arrive at our destination in one hour, but I have a feeling that it is going to take us a bit longer than that based on my math (based on miles to go and miles per hour). The speed limit dropped once we crossed the border into the home state of my sister and there has been construction areas with lower speed limits (no actual construction though). At this rate we will definitely me at least thirty minutes behind schedule. Still the drive has been fairly problem free and mostly pleasant. I cannot complain to much about the time it takes to drive three states over especially with all the gorgeous autumn colors that I am privledged to see! We make a quick stop for gas and one last bathroom break and some leg stretching. Then it is right back in the car and back on the road!

We may have only thirty minutes left …. or do we! Nonetheless I am very excited to see my sister, brother-in-law, and baby niece soon. I typically get really antsy at this point in a long trip but so far I am going really well and not feeling that need to just be done with being in the car.

We are not there yet but my son and I are having fun listening to Jonathan Coulton and Justin Roberts! This upbeat music will easily get us through the last part of our trip. I am so glad the he is and has done so well with this trip!

We are here!! We finally arrived. I soon as we pull in, my brother-in-law comes out to meet us. My son immediately recognizes him (from his visit to our house two months previous) and calls out to him! We get out of the car and happily run inside to greet my sister and meet my niece!