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“Today” show host Natalie Morales seemed a bit too enthusiastic to reveal the Top 100 Baby Names for 2010 this morning. Apparently, she was eager to see if her two sons’ names landed near the top of the list. Not quite. My daughter’s wasn’t up there either.

So, which baby names are the hottest of the hot?

I’ll give you a hint: think popular TV shows. “Glee”-inspired names such as Finn and Quinn are pretty hot, as is Betty from “Mad Men.” In addition, famous athletes turned celebrities also inspired some of the trendiest baby names of 2010, including Bode, Shaun and Apollo.

Not impressed? Well, take a look at the following Baby Center list and see how beloved your child’s name is:

Top 10 Girls’ Names

1. Sophia

2. Isabella

3. Olivia

4. Emma

5. Chloe

6. Ava

7. Lily

8. Madison

9. Addison

10. Abigail

Top 10 Boys’ Names

1. Aiden

2. Jacob

3. Jackson

4. Ethan

5. Jayden

6. Noah

7. Logan

8. Caden

9. Lucas

10. Liam

BabyCenter Editor-in-Chief Linda Murray told Morales that Sarah Palin’s daughters’ names Bristol, Willow and Piper have also gained in popularity too, though none of the monikers landed in the Top 10.

As for 2011, Baby Center predicts that Isla and Adalyn will be popular for girls and Bentley and Kellan for boys. Bentley, as in the pimped out ride and the name chosen for the born out-of-wedlock son of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom” star, Maci.


You shouldn’t be. According to Murray, BabyCenter’s survey found that 36 percent of mothers said they were inspired by “famous people or characters” when selecting a name for their baby. A larger percentage says they name their offspring after certain family members, but would consider trendy pop culture-inspired names for their child’s middle moniker.

Are your children’s names inspired by pop culture icons?

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