Try a New Scrapbook Look Using Black and White Photos

If you were to take a look through my scrapbooks you would see a lot of color. The album itself, the pictures inside, the paper and embellishments all scream color. I’m sure this is true for most scrapbookers. We tend to really like color.

Recently I have been thinking of doing something a little different. I really appreciate the look and beauty of black and white photos. Black and white photos are simple but sophisticated. They have an elegance to them that is very unique.

A black and white photo scrapbook would definitely be something very different. It would be a very clean-cut look. This actually might be the best way for a new scrapbooker to start off. You don’t have to worry about coordinating colors.

The best way I know to convert my digital pictures to black and white is using Snapfish, an online photo resource that I have used for many of my digital photo books. They have an option when you are ordering pictures to have them printed in black and white. The great thing is you can either have them mailed to your home or printed the same day at your nearest Walgreen’s Drug Store.

To create an elegant black and white scrapbook you would need a black or white (unless you can get an album that is black and white) scrapbook album. The pages are typically white so that solves one issue. If you mat your black and white photos with black paper it will make everything look really nice on your page.

If you are going to journal, use a fine-tip black marker. I wouldn’t suggest using embellishments. You are trying to create a clean-cut, simple scrapbook. In this case the less is better.

You could do some interesting layouts, however. Try overlapping some of your photos or angle them. Since you are putting together a fairly simple look you don’t want to make it boring by having all the pictures line up perfectly.

If you have been running out of ideas for new scrapbooks, try this new scrapbook look using black and white photos.

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