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So you have just completed another scrapbook album. It looks fantastic. You go back over your creation, admiring your work. Now what?

You stick it on a shelf and it collects dust. Sounds a little harsh, I know. But do you find that to be true for your scrapbooks? We spend all this time putting it together and rarely get to share it.

Why do we bother to create scrapbooks? Do we spend the money and time to put together some great memory keeper only to stick it on a shelf so it collects dust? I don’t think so. Yet for many scrapbookers that is exactly what happens.

The purpose of a scrapbook is to share it. You want others to see your creation. However many families are separated by distance. Or it may be that life is just so busy, you don’t see each other very much. You might even feel a little pushy, handing your scrapbook over to a friend or family member and asking them to take a look at it.

So how can you share this past summer’s vacation when the next time you expect to see family is Thanksgiving? How can you share your memories without coming across as pushy?

I think I found the perfect solution. Try online scrapbooking. With some great technology, including digital pictures, you can now create an online scrapbook.

While I am sure there are other websites available, I just ran across one that I am really excited about. It is Scrapblog.

Here you can create a great scrapbook and have the options to print it at home, have it printed professionally or share online. With just a few clicks you can create a scrapbook that can instantly go out to family and friends. And the great thing is it won’t collect dust.

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