Turn Flab Arms into Fab Arms, Part 1

No one wants flabby arms. Sadly flabby arms are a reality and often you get flabby arms before you realize it if you stop working out. My arms have always been my weakest feature but I have tried harder to improve their look and strength. Below are my favorite arm exercises.


I love this exercise! You can really feel you muscles working. First, grab two five pound weights in each hand. Then, lie down with your back flat on the floor and your knees up in a v-shape. This will protect your back. It is very important to keep the proper form so you get the most out of this exercise. Make sure your elbows are as close to your sides as you can manage at all times. The weights should be facing the ceiling. Your arms will be in an L-shape. Slowly move your arms up toward the ceiling and back down. Remember to make the movement slow and focused and keep your elbows as close to your sides as possible. The form will give you definition.

Skull Crushers

The amount of weight you use will vary according to your level of working out and strength. If you are a beginner it is always best to start with five pounds and work your way up.
Use a weight in each hand then raise the weights until they meet each other forming a triangle above your head. Be sure to keep your elbows close together and bring them down toward the back of your head. This will work the triceps. You can do this exercise slow with heavier weight, fast with lighter weight or a mix to really work your triceps out.

Tricep Kickbacks

Stand with one weight in each hand beginning with five pounds until you work your way up. Next, bend forward with your elbows bent alongside your body then as the name suggests, kickback your arms so they behind you and straight. Bring them back and repeat. As with the skull crushers you and switch it up from fast to slow for increased calorie burn and muscel definition.

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