Turn off the Television to Get Out of Debt

getting out of debt Did you know that simply turning off the television, or watching less of it can lead to more savings? I’m not just talking about the savings you will get from foregoing the $200 cable bill or the electricity it takes to run your television. I’m talking about the other hidden benefits, the secret savings that will kick in.

Less Need to Buy

Where do we usually find out about things that we absolutely need to have (although we never knew about them before)? Why the television, of course. It is still the number one way that we get our advertising. The more television you watch, the more exposure you get to the ads. The ads do everything from make us want more to making us unhappy with our currently lives. Think of turning off the television as putting on sunscreen. You block the harmful rays that could wind up burning you with debt.

Better Health Equals More Savings

Studies have shown that there are all sorts of ways that watching television can affect your health. You can become addicted to it, it can affect the amount of sleep you get, and it can dull your mental senses. It can even cause an increase in anxiety. Other studies have found a link between the amount of television someone watches and the likely risk for obesity.

A healthy, person, mentally and physically, will naturally be more successful in life, being able to work harder, work smarter, and make the best financial decisions. Plus, if you are in better health, you will spend less on medications, doctor visits, etc.

More Time to Earn and Save

If you spend four or more hours a day watching the television (today’s average), that is four hours not spent doing something else, such as earning money, doing something around the house that you are currently paying someone else to do, repairing items instead of replacing them, etc. Spend some of that television time being productive to burn down that debt.

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