Turn up the Tunes and Clean

I am not a neat freak as anyone who knows me will tell you. I do however want my home to be presentable. There’s only one problem. I hate cleaning. Housework is not my thing, and I warned my husband when we got married that I wasn’t going to be a “housewife.”

Well, that doesn’t mean I get a pass. Cleaning still has to be done, no matter how much I dread it. I have actually come to the realization that my attitude is the biggest problem. The feeling of dread can often be much worse than the actual chores.

One way to beat the dread and that sense of drudgery is to turn on some great music. Crank it up and sing along. Dance. Get into it. Soon, you will be sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to the beat. Cleaning along to your favorite song definitely lifts the spirits.

I usually pop in a CD or I switch the TV to Sirius radio instead of opting for local radio stations. There are too many commercials and not enough consecutive minutes of good music with some stations. I don’t want to take time to change stations and risk losing the mood. I want to crank up the tunes and crank up my pace.

I also give the kids a chance to play their music when they help out (although I must be getting old, since I don’t know how some of it qualifies as “music.”). The kids find it entertaining when I dance and sing along with their “cool” music instead of my “old school” favorites. We all end up being in a better mood and end up getting a lot more stuff done.

Do you clean with music on? If not, give it a try. If so, what are your favorite tunes to clean by?