Turning Blue

Other blue plants for your garden might include Wandering Jew, which is a brilliant royal blue flower. Mick insists it is a weed because of the way this ground cover takes over, but I just love it because of the color. If you’re going to plant it be careful where you plant it though. The same goes for forget me nots. A sweet old fashioned ground cover flower in sky blue, but they can ruin rampant if left unchecked.

Wandering Jew however has been known to cause allergies in dogs. So if you have a canine friend it might be worth only planting it in an area the dog can’t reach, as it can cause swelling of the face, diarrhea, scratching, swelling around the eyes and weight loss. Not exactly something you want to inflict on your canine friend.

One thing I discovered while researching this is that there is a blue geranium which I never knew about and it looks gorgeous. It is called Johnson’s blue or hardy geranium. Again it is a sprawling plant so you might want to think carefully where you plant it. It’s a gorgeous color though so would be worth it for that, especially since it is hardy. Sounds like my kind of plant.

Violas and phlox also come in blue and purple shades and so do Clematis. They are a climbing plant. We used to have stunning Clematis with blue/mauve flowers the size of dinner plates. They prefer a colder climate I suspect. Balloon flower are another that comes in blue and don’t forget the old Morning Glory vine. Gentian True Blue is another good option. And there is always catmint with its silvery gray leaves it can look quite effective.

This is just a few. There are other flowers and shrubs in blue that will add peace, calmness, a sense of tranquility and wonderful color to your garden. Why not check them out at your nursery and see which grows best in your area?

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