Turning Your Christmas Decorations Into Scrapbooking Pages

My Christmas decorations are finally up and complete. I love this time of year with the twinkle of the lights, the wintry windy nights and the delicious smells this season emits. As a scrapbooker, I yearn to preserve this into my scrapbooks, but it seems as if words are never enough. Are you interested in preserving your Christmas decorations for years to come? Here are some suggestions:

The Yearly Christmas Tree

This is done by many people who don’t even scrapbook, so if you are a scrapbooker, it is definitely a must. Snap a shot of your Christmas tree every year. Record everything about it. Do you take your family out and hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, cut it yourself, buy it from a tree lot? Why did you pick that tree? If you have an artificial tree what makes it special to you? How long has it been around? Where did you get it and why? Snap a photograph of the tree each year after it has been decorated. It is so cool to see the difference each year. You might also pose the family in front of the tree too. Comparing those photographs is quite the trip down memory lane as you see your children grow and change before your eyes.

Christmas Lights

Do you decorate with Christmas lights? Indoors, Outdoors or both? Jot down where and why you put the lights up and then snap some photographs. Do you string lights through your stairway banister? Do you string them along the ceiling in a room? Be sure and get photographs of what it looks like.

Christmas Village

We started our Christmas village last year. It was so small in the photographs we took, there was hardly anything. Except this year there is so much stuff we are thinking about constructing a double display tabled with varying heights for it. The two pictures make us giggle when we see how nuts we went buying things for it. Record the story about each piece or special pieces you purchased. My friend and neighbor has the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Village and listening to her tell me the stories behind each piece made me smile. She needs to record that and give it to her daughter when she’s grown and on her own.

More on this topic posting tomorrow.

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