Turquoise and Terrorists – Lynn Gardner

Another jewel-toned novel by Lynn Gardner, “Turquoise and Terrorists” picks up two months after “Diamonds and Danger” ends. Allison Alexander has gone to New York to tie up loose ends with her job before leaving it, and her new husband Bart has been in Europe recruiting new agents for Anastasia, the anti-terrorist division of Interpol.

turqNow reunited, Bart and Allison are on their way to Santa Fe, where they will help Allison’s parents, also Interpol agents, provide security for the Three Tenors, who are appearing for a benefit concert. Word has reached the agency that terrorists plan to kidnap the celebrities and use the ransom money to fund their plot to wreak even more havoc on the nation. However, on their way to Santa Fe, Bart and Allison are nearly run off the road and then shot at. Never a moment’s peace!

Checking in to the Ranch where the concert is to be held, they enjoy just a brief moment alone together before the excitement picks up again. All the Anastasia agents are now in place, and they have established a security perimeter around the Ranch. They feel good about the precautions they have taken, yet somehow, Allison’s father Jack and Bart are kidnapped in broad daylight, and Allison and her mother are the best bet to getting them back. Dyeing their hair and changing their clothes, the women hope to elude the predators just long enough to find out where Bart and Jack have been taken. But then the news comes – they were on a helicopter that flew into the side of a mountain, and there were no survivors.

Lynn Gardner demonstrates her research into the area of Santa Fe in her descriptions of the terrain and vistas. The tension and suspense are high as you wonder how Allison will manage to help Anastasia thwart this nervy group of terrorists. Definitely another winner from this popular LDS author.

(This book was published in 1998 by Covenant Communications.)

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