TV Update: Good News Bad News

HOORAY! Today is a great day in our home… thanks to Bill Cosby.

The comedian’s efforts to improve education have made my 3-year-old daughter’s day. She is a huge fan of Cosby’s animated series “Little Bill,” which used to air weekdays on Nickelodeon and Sunday mornings on CBS. The show was yanked about a year ago and my daughter was devastated. She loved watching “Little Bill’s” adventures with his hamster “Elephant” and his friend “Andrew.” Then one day—BAM! He was gone.

I searched the Internet and no luck. “Little Bill” was gone (save for some video games on the Nick Jr. site). Then, today I found out that Cosby has spent the past few months lobbying to get the show back on TV. The legendary entertainer has been a long standing advocate of education and the education reform act No Child Left Behind. As such Cosby has made some hard-hitting remarks our country’s high school dropout rate (in some cities it’s as high as 75%). The actor once noted: “While the behinds are moving forward, some of the minds are left behind.”

Well, it looks as though Cosby’s crusade worked. It is with great pleasure that I welcome “Little Bill” back to TV. The show now airs weekdays on Noggin at 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. EDT. And will be broadcast at 1:30 p.m. EDT on the weekends.


Bad news if you are NOT a fan of Kevin Federline. Apparently, the former Mr. Britney Spears is not as bad of an actor as the critics make him out to be. (To each his own I suppose.)

According to CW network executives, Fed-Ex may soon have a permanent gig on “One Tree Hill.” Federline is currently playing a cocky rock-star in a multi-episode arc. But, now the show’s creator says the embattled father of two has done such a great job with the role, he’s considering making Federline’s character a regular fixture on the series.

Warning: Watch for some serious Federline head welling if that happens.

Show producer’s say they have an agreement with Brit’s ex that shooting must be done around his current custody fight.

With Brit bombing in Vegas and Federline hamming it up in North Carolina (where the show films) I have to ask: Who’s watching the kids?

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