Twelve Month Layout

As the year comes to an end, I am planning to do a 12-month layout for my son’s scrapbook. Since my son’s birthday is in December, it is a layout of his entire year as a two-year-old. If he were born in another month, I would consider doing a layout beginning with his birth month, but since his birthday lands the same as the calendar year, it makes it even easier.

I plan to do January through June on the first page of the layout and July through December on the second page. I will do a themed border and one photo for each month of the year.

January is the start of a new year so I’m going to use that as the theme for the month. I’ll put the words “Happy New Year” on the top of the photo frame.

February makes me think of hearts and the colors pink and red. Since my son is a boy and I want to make it more masculine, I’m going to use light blue hearts on a dark blue frame.

March is going to be hard for me because nothing comes to mind when I think of the month. I’m going to use toys as the theme because my son is a toddler and I think toys are appropriate as a border.

For April, I’m making a cloud and little raindrops on the top corner of the frame. On the bottom of the frame, I’ll put the words “April Showers.” To go with this, the next frame will say “…bring May flowers” with flowers around the frame.

June will be a beach theme since that is usually when we take our first trip to the beach for the year. I’ll do a beach ball and shovel on the corners of the frame.

July is another easy month for me to do. Since I want to stick with an “Independence Day” theme, I’ll use red, white and blue with an American flag.

August will be another generic frame for my layout. I think I’ll use sports as the theme. Since my son has shown an interest in soccer, I’ll use a soccer ball for one corner. I will use a basketball, baseball and football for the other corners.

September is going to be lightning bolts and clouds since we get a lot of thunderstorms. I can do a cloud on top of the frame and a lightning bolt down the side.

October is, of course, a Halloween theme. Since we go trick-or-treating, I’ll use the photo of my son in his costume and include a pumpkin and the words “Trick or Treat” on the frame.

November will be fall leaves. It may be a little late, but in Alabama where we are, it is still appropriate. I’ll use a photo of my son taken outside with fall leaves in the photo. I’ll cut leaves to make the frame.

For December, I’ll use the words “Dear Santa” across the top of the frame and make it red and white. I’ll use the photo of my son with Santa.

Having each month showcase a photo of my son illustrates his growth during the year and makes a neat layout for looking back at the year. I’ll use the words “As the months flew by” as my slogan and place them in the layout with an airplane since my son loves airplanes.

I think the layout would work for anyone. A year showcased month-by-month could be incorporated into many scrapbooks. What would you use as monthly themes?

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