Twice Delicious: Tex Mex Pork Wraps

I don’t know about you, but whenever I cook in my crock pot I have leftovers. I do it on purpose actually. It is nearly impossible to cook with a “helpful” three year old and 20 month old twins underfoot. So the day after crock pot night is leftover night. I actually have two portions of leftovers (generally) and so I’ll usually freeze meat for another meal later.

In any case, I thought you all might like to know what I did with my leftover Sweet Barbecue Pork Chops that we made in the slow cooker. First of all. . .did you save some of the sauce? Always save sauce and drippings for making leftovers (if possible.) That’s one secret to great leftovers!

First Step: Use the leftover barbecue marinade/sauce to boil rice. Decide how much rice you want. Boil the rice in one part of the marinade and one part water just as you would normally make rice. Hint: If you have access to Sazon in the Mexican/Spanish food aisle of your grocery store that’s even better! Add the Sazon to the marinade & water before adding the rice.

Second Step: Warm up your tortillas. Warming them makes them flexible and easy to work with. To warm tortillas you can wrap them in a slightly damp paper towel and microwave for just a few seconds.

Third Step: If you’re lazy you can just slice avocado. (And just to clarify. . .there’s nothing wrong with being a little lazy in the kitchen every once in awhile.) However, if you’re so inclined, use the avocado as a spread. Mash it up, put a tad of lemon juice in it (you’re not wanting the flavor of lemon. . .you’re wanting to prevent browning), salt, pepper and voila–you’ve just made guacamole spread! Depending on what you’ve put in your barbecue sauce you can add some other spices like chili pepper, cumin or even onion and garlic. But remember, the longer spices sit the more flavorful they become so don’t overdue it. If you’ve added a lot of spice to your barbecue sauce the night before, don’t add a lot of spices here.

Fourth Step: I am personally partial to cilantro. I always dice up a little fresh cilantro in dishes like these. Both the avocado and the cilantro will compliment the flavor of spicy barbecue sauce.

Fifth Step: Shred the pork. Actually, I usually shred my left over pork as I clean up from the night before. In any case, meat done in a slow cooker should always be tender and so a fork will do the trick rather nicely.

Sixth Step: Put it all together and enjoy! Spread your warmed tortilla with guacamole spread, add the cilantro and pork! Then wrap it up. You can also add a little Monterrey Jack or cheddar cheese to top it off. If you’re really throwing caution to the wind (calorie wise I mean) top it off with a little sour cream as well!

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