Twig – Interactive Scrapbook Classes

I recently discovered this while browsing scrapbook classes, and thought it was too cool not to share.

Scrapbooking - Twig Interactive Scrapbook Classes
A company called Twig – Your Scrapbook eLearning Center, LLC, officially announced its new scrapbook class called “Twig”.

Twig actually first went live on January 1, 2006 by launching its website where scrapbookers can take live interactive classes online. How cool is that? From the comfort of your own home (in your pajama’s if you want!), where your supplies are!

I think what’s really awesome about that is that you can actually create layouts while taking classes from the comfort of your own home. Plus all the information is stored on your own personal computer. There are no handouts to get lost or extra supplies that don’t get used.

Twig offers the Best Digital Scrapbooking Classes! There are none of those Blind Chat Rooms & absolutely No Homework Assignments.

I found that the classes that are offered cater to all levels of scrapbooking, from beginner classes to intermediate project based classes. This is nice, because no matter what level you are, you can find a class to take and enjoy.

Angie Long, Twig’s Owner and President feels it is a challenge to explain the concept of online interactive classes to scrapbookers.

“This concept is so new that when I explain live, interactive classes to scrappers, they can’t seem to grasp it. Fortunately, I can see the future, and I always try to be two steps ahead.”

Well Angie certainly does see the future as Twig is growing in leaps and bounds!

On their website you can find a class schedule, Classes on Demand, Message Boards, and helpful tips and tricks.

I highly recommend these classes for the scrapbooker who might better enjoy a class from the comfort of her own home or scrapbook room! I bet you’ll get more done because there isn’t as much distraction!