Twins Magazine – Magazine Review

One of the first things I did, once I found out I was expecting twins, was to order Twins Magazine. Twins Magazine has been around since 1984 and is published six times a year. The magazine focuses on multiple births, not only twins but triplets and even higher.
I was so grateful to find a magazine geared toward multiples. I had a four year old and had learned a lot about parenting through other parent magazines. But those magazines didn’t cover twins. I didn’t know anyone with twins. I wasn’t sure I could manage two infants at the same time.

Reading about other peoples experiences with twins helped me during the pregnancy and with my boys, as they moved from premature infants, to babies, to toddlers on the go. Many of the articles are written by parents of twins. I loved to read the miracle birth stories. And I clipped out many of the craft ideas. Their recipes were geared toward having two children helping the cook at the same time.

Twins cover the special challenges of birthing, feeding, and chasing after two or more children at once. The reader will also find information on twin behavior, bonding, twin language, and the unique form of twin sibling rivalry. They even cover twin specific heath risks. Their articles on the rare Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome were very helpful. The reader will also find information on bedrest, premature babies and handling the NICU, how to travel with multiples, if you should have the children in the same crib or the same class later on.

Twins Magazine is also a great source for finding double cribs, double strollers, and double slings. You’ll even find ads for very cute twin birth announcements. The magazine is a great find for any parent or grandparent of multiples.

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