Two Dedicated Hours

Since I have a family and my desk, library, and reading area are all next to the loud speakers in the main room our son plays basketball in, it has proved quite difficult to get work done in my “office.” While this seems like a small concern it is an important one. One of the things I am tasked with as a profession is processing a lot of information in an expedient way and with great panache. One of the things that changes when children enter the picture is the concept of “free time.” Free time for me is anytime our son is napping (which isn’t often). Of course, this assumes that I was able to get other mission critical things done during his awake hours (also difficult at times). At any rate, my wife and I recognized the problem and we’ve built a solution: two dedicated hours.

Each evening, when my wife returns home from work, I have two dedicated hours to get my work done in my office. They will both be in the room but my wife is tasked specifically with entertaining our son during that time. I put on music, pipe it through ear buds inserted into sound canceling headphones designed for a firing range and get to work. It is surprisingly motivating to know that there are two (and only two) hours for me to work. These two hours have become my most productive times. I suspect that you don’t need an office in a living room or a child for this to effective. If you’re having trouble getting down to work give yourself some non-negotiable, dedicated time. Your concentration and attention will thank you. Your grades might thank you too. So might your blood pressure. Press on towards success this semester!