Two Frugal Decorating Ideas for Halloween

It is hard to believe that Halloween is only a little more than a week away. But that shouldn’t stop you from having some more fun with Halloween crafts and decorations. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, one of my favorite times to decorate and probably one of my most creative times of year.

My most favorite things to work with at holidays is wreaths and pots, because they are easy to store, really add a nice touch to any d├ęcor and are easy and frugal to create.


This is one of those things I have for every single holiday. I put one on the inside and the outside of my front door with a double wreath hanger. It is a super frugal decoration anytime of year and really adds a festive touch. These days you can even purchase wreaths at the dollar store that you can decorate! A Halloween wreath is easy to make and can be done in just a short period of time. Decorating the wreath can start with ribbon wound around it or perhaps even black or orange spray paint sprayed on it. You can then get creative with various items to add to your wreath. Pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiders can be made easily or you can purchase different items from the dollar store to decorate it with. Just glue it all in place and voila!

Plant Pots

I am in love with terra-cotta. It is an odd thing to be obsessed with, but I really am. I love to make different items out of my terra cotta pots, and additionally pots are really cheap to buy. I love to paint them and decorate them for the various seasons.

The best part is that these pots can hold snacks, candy, crayons, plants or whatever. I have created some really advanced projects with my terra cotta pots, spiders, Frankenstein and much more. However, the easiest and quickest items to make are Ghosts, Candy Corn or Pumpkins. Here is how to do it.

For Ghosts:
Paint the pot white. Add black eyes with paint or permanent marker or you can glue buttons in place. This one is cuter if you turn the pot upside down.

For Candy Corn: We have done tons of these. Each kids has created their own, so we purchased smaller pots so its a little cluster of candy corn. Separate the pot into sections. Paint one section orange, one white and one yellow. We added candy corn scented candles to ours.

For Pumpkins:
Paint the entire pot orange. Add a face with black paint or permanent marker. You can even tie a green ribbon around the top or use the saucer and paint it green placing it on top instead of at the bottom.

Other fun things to make, just use your imagination: Frankenstein, Black Cat, Black Cauldron (use black pipe cleaners for tale or cauldron handle), Mummy (rap in white fabric strips), Spider, etc.

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