Two More Great Ideas For Budget Scrapbook Supplies

Still on a mission, I have constantly been on the lookout lately, for some new things to use on my scrapbook layouts. I am a pretty frugal scrapbooker, as well as being fairly simple. I’ve been working on stepping outside my comfort zone, so finding things that might otherwise get thrown away and can now be used in a new light, creatively, is always a plus. There are dozens of undiscovered items you could probably use in your scrapbooks, you just have to be creative and see outside the box. Look beyond the norm, and you might be surprised at just exactly what you can find. Here are two more innovative, and creative ideas to use:

Soda Tabs

Soda tabs from the top of aluminum soda cans are just like the odds and ends found in the hardware store. You can use a soda tab as a way to close an envelope, hang a tag, adorn the page, as photo corners and so many more ways. You could also try using the plastic rings that hold soda cans together. Cut them apart and use them to hang things on the layout or frame a photo.

Bread Ties Or Bread Clips

I love these and oddly I throw them in drawers before I actually throw the empty bag out. I have plenty of these little oddities and decided I was going to discover a way to use them on a scrapbook layout. So far I have used bread ties to attach various embellishments to my pages as well as tying them into bows and using them to decorate a tag, photo and other items. The bread clips are loads of fun. I used patterned paper to cover them to make them match the page. Then I added a clear coating to make them shiny and I use them to decorate photo mats, borders, the title and anything you might use a guitar pick for.

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