Two More Locations To Find Scrapbook Supplies

We are still discovering scrapbooking supplies at obscure locations. The treasures you can find at places that have nothing to do with scrapbooking can be amazing. You have to learn to open your eyes and see beyond what an item was originally intended for. You need to see what it can be used for now! Just think, we wouldn’t have all of these fun fabric and paper flowers if some scrapbooker somewhere had not thought it would be cool to use silk flowers in her layout! She probably purchased those silk flowers at a craft store for a fraction of what the actual scrapbook flowers cost! Here are two more locations to explore:

Teacher Supply Stores

Teacher stores are always jam packed full with terrific educational resources, but there are also great items to be found for scrapbookers too. In addition to the normal office supplies that we spoke of above, there are also things like teacher charms, buttons, festive stickers and die cuts usually found in themes, manipulative’s can be fun to use in your layouts. There are also game pieces, shapes, clip art, fonts and other items available at teacher stores. Walk into a big one and you’ll be amazed and what you can bring home. And our teacher store here has a scrapbook section too. There are lots of teachers who are beginning to incorporate scrapbooking into the classroom which calls for the need at the teachers store.

Scouting Stores

Not only can you find uniforms and badges at the scouting store, but you can also find stickers, charms, ribbon and much more with the logo’s, and scouting insignia your little scout has earned. In fact, purchase a duplicate patch and you can include one on your layout. In addition they often have clip art books and other items that can directly help you create an informative layout about your child’s experience as a scout.

There are always things to be had where we least expect them. As the scrapbooking world grows and the trends change, there are just some things that will always stay the same. That what one might use for one thing, could be used by another for our scrapbooks!!

Do you know of any other stores that carry scrapbook stuff or non-scrapbook stuff that we can use in our layouts? Do share!