Types Of Boarding Schools

In my previous article, I discussed the basic characteristics of a boarding school. In this article, I will address the various types of boarding schools that students may attend.

All Boarding Schools
The most common type of boarding school that comes to mind is the all boarding school. In all boarding schools, all of the students are boarders. All students live on campus.

Boarding Day Schools
At a boarding day school, most students live on campus. However, students who live nearby or in a nearby neighborhood may choose to travel on a daily basis.

Five-Day Boarding Schools
At a five-day boarding school, students only live on campus during the week. On weekends, the students go home and the school is closed. At an all boarding school, the school is only closed during vacations and long weekends.

Junior Boarding Schools
A junior boarding school is for younger students. The typical boarding school begins at the level nine. A junior boarding school will accept students as young as grade one. The school accommodates students from grade one to grade eight. Students in grades six through eight usually live on campus. Grades one through five travel on daily basis.

Co-Educational Boarding Schools
At a co-educational boarding school, both boys and girls live on campus and attend classes. Typical boarding schools only allow either boys or girls to attend but not both.

Pre-Professional Arts Schools
This type of boarding school is designed to teach specific skills or prepares students for a specific field of study. Most skills include arts, music, theatre, dance, or writing. After the school, students attend college or a special academy that specializes in the field.

Religious Schools
Religious boarding schools have a religious affiliation. The students are usually expected to also have the same religious affiliation. The students usually take part in a class that teaches about the religion.

Military Schools
A military boarding school is structure based on military practices. The school usually requires uniforms. The classes are usually strict.

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