Types of Teacher’s Albums

Teacher albums are the perfect gift, whether it is for Christmas, her birthday or the end of the year. Now is a great time to get started no matter when it is for. Teacher’s have busy schedules, and although you want it to be a surprise, you are going to have to encourage the teacher to participate somewhat, by sharing what she has with you.

When you are putting together a teacher album, there are so many ways you can go about doing it. However, there are two very common ways I’ve seen it done.

Class Album

An album is designed with the whole class. Each child does a page, or you can do it for them, including their school portrait, and perhaps a journaled blurb (depending on children’s age) about what they loved about Mrs. Smith. (or whatever the teacher’s name is) You can include pictures of each child working with the teacher, or just working in class. It’s a great way to commemorate that class for her.

School Year Album

While you can still include a separate photograph of each child in her class, this album requires a bit more commitment and might even need another person involved to help. Create layouts commemorating the subjects, activities and special projects the children do throughout the year. Create a library day layout, a lunch layout, a gym layout, a computer lab layout, and anything else they do throughout the year. Special projects like oral reports or presentations could be photographed and placed in the album on a layout.

There are so many possibilities when you are creating a teacher’s album that it is important to look at what you want to do before you actually get started. Then be sure to keep up. May will be a busy month (or December) and trying to rush to get the album completed is not going to do you any good.

Best of luck!

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