Typical Day of a Weight Watch Dieter

Ever Wonder What I Eat on a Daily Basis?

As many of you might wonder, what’s a typical day like (food wise) as a Weight Watcher’s dieter? People always ask me how I calculate my points, if I’m hungry, and what exactly do I do if I go over my points allotment for the day.

The Scoop

Points calculations are fairly easy—every product in the grocery store has Nutrition Labels and most restaurants and fast food joints have their info posted or available on-line. The points are a combination of Calories, Total Fat and Dietary Fiber. So if something has 220 calories, 3 grams of fat, and dietary fiber of 2 grams, the total points value is 4. It’s that simple.

Right now, I’m eating about 20 points per day, along with my 36 allotted bonus points, which I usually eat about half of in a week. And to answer your questions, yes, some days I get really hungry, but I try to make good choices and get the most bang for my points, if you will.

A Typical Day of a Weight Watcher:

Many people ask me what exactly I eat on a daily basis, which my response is “Anything I want”…but I should add, “within reason”. On Weight Watchers, you CAN eat anything you want, but if you decide to have Taco Bell for breakfast, you will have probably used up the majority of your points for the day.

On the Menu for Today:

Breakfast: ½ cup Egg Beaters Cheese and Chive Egg Substitute: 2 pts
1 slice of high-fiber whole-grain toast with 1 Tbsp of creamy peanut butter 3 pts

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Spinach and Mushroom Pizza 6 pts

Dinner: 4 oz. of grilled chicken 4 pts
2 cups steamed broccoli 0 pts
2 cups of bag salad with 1 tsp of 1 Tbsp fat- free vinaigrette dressing 0 points
½ cup packaged instant Mashed Potatoes 3 points
4 oz glass of Chardonnay 2 points

Snacks: 1 c. seedless grapes 1 pt
Weight Watchers Chocolate Dessert Bar 1 pt.

Total Daily Points: 22

So that’s 20 reg. points and 2 bonus points, which is perfect and keeps your metabolism going. It really is that easy!

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