Typical High School Course of Study: Electives

Electives are a very important of high school coursework. Taking elective classes makes students more well rounded, and prepares them for skills they will need when they enter the workforce. Students choose elective classes based on their personal interests and career goals.

Some electives are required, and more are not. Required electives include foreign language (of your choice), physical education, health, computer classes, home economics, typing, and some art and music depending on the school districts.

The array of choices for electives courses however are quite varied. A student can choose to study multiple languages and in advanced classes. They can choose to take art and music classes for four years. Students can take automechanics, cooking classes, and woodshop as the school makes the classes available as well a pre-law, accounting, and economics.

As a homeschooler there are no bounds to elective courses. A homeschooler can take classes in the community, they can take classes at local community classes, they can even take jobs that can be counted as high school electives. Electives is where you should encourage your high school homeschooler to be as unique and creative as possible. The goal for a college bound homeschooler is to have a unique experience that will make them more attractive to the college. Remember that colleges are looking for students who can bring a unique perspective and set of experiences into the school.

Some unique ideas that can be considered as elective courses for college bound homeschoolers are immersion into a foreign language by working in the community and taking summer trips, interning with a working artist, or taking a part time job at a law office to get hands on experience. Places to look for elective opportunities and classes are at your homeschool classes, dance studios, music schools, community colleges, and local businesses.

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