Typical High School Course of Study: Language Arts Part 2

Four years of language arts classes are required to complete high school. There really is not much variety in the language arts choices, as you need to show that you took 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade language arts to show you have earned a “diploma”. Of course, classes can be taken at a general or advanced level, and also at community college or AP levels as well. In part 1, I have given 9th and 10th grade language arts requirements. In part 2, I will give 11th and 12 grade basics.

Eleventh grade language arts curriculum continues American Literature, with a strong emphasis on writing. For this reason you may be able to substitute 11th grade language arts with a writing class, especially if you have already taken a college level American Literature class.

Subjects taught in the 11th grade are language arts are cross-cultural literature, analysis of plays, and vocabulary of poetry.

Critical and evaluative reading, propaganda techniques, mass communication, and advertising skills are also important.

Students must also learn and continue to practice listening skills, vocabulary development, and grammar skills.

They must be also to write stories, editorial, journalism, term papers, and proofread using proofreading symbols.

Students must also be able to use of Reader’s Guide and other reference aids, both print and electronic.
Twelfth grade language arts is composed primarily of English Literature and report writing. A student wishing to take a college course instead might take English Literature.

A high school senior would typically learn English literature including Shakespeare, Literary, social, and political heritage of England, and literature of the 1900’s. World literature, cross-cultural literature, The Theater, the nature of tragedy and comedy are also included.

Required reading skills would include critical and evaluative reading, current periodical literature, mass communication, a comparative study of mass media, as well as radio and television.

Students would also need to learn and continue to practice listening skills, Identifying verbals, report writing, writing social and business letters, book reviews, essays, term papers, and be able to write a bibliography.

*Other courses a high school student can take instead of standard high school language arts are Literature and Composition, I and II which are standard AP classes.

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