Tyra Banks Back In A Bikini

Recently I blogged about former super model Tyra Banks’ 20-pound weight gain and her in-your-face-finger-wagging rant to critics who called her “fat.” Now, Banks is sticking it to the tabloids yet again by modeling a bikini in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

In 1997, Banks became the first black supermodel to appear solo on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition wearing a skimpy bikini. This week the model-turned-talk-show-host is marking the modeling milestone by donning the decade-old bikini to celebrate the special anniversary.

The 33-year-old recently flew to the Bahamas to recreate the shoot that earned her the coveted cover spot. And, she even squeezed into the same red polka dot bikini.

“I was about 140 pounds on that cover … and I’m 161 now,” Banks told reporters. “I’d say I looked like a stripper when I put it on.”

Banks admitted that before the photo shoot got underway a few adjustments were made to the bikini (some extra fabric was added to make the suit a little less itsy-bitsy).

“They covered the sides of my chest so that it wasn’t so much hangin’ out. And they put some extenders on the sides of the bikini bottom so it fit,” Banks said.

She added that when the magazine approached her about the anniversary shoot she considered going on a crash diet in an effort to look the same as she did 10 years ago, but then decided against doing so.

“I think there’s more power in embracing what I am now and showcasing that,” Banks said.

“I’m thinking that I should probably do this every 10 years,” she continued. “So, in 2017 maybe I’ll get in the swimsuit again and I’ll have to get them to add a little more fabric.”

You can see what Banks looks like in the altered bikini (without having to purchase a copy of the magazine) by watching tomorrow’s “The Tyra Banks Show.” Banks says she plans to show the results and a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot on Monday’s episode of her talk show.

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