Under $5.00 Decorating Idea

After sharing my cool Under $3.00 Decorating Idea, I could hardly go on, without also sharing the one that cost me under $5.00. Several ideas for this project were shared in Frugal Decorating with Flea Market Finds, though all of these items that you see were made from items found at the Dollar Store.

The way this project got started, was that I had gone to the dollar store and purchased several different items to try to make some decorations for my living room. For the entire candle projects all together, I only paid $8.00. One candle set was under $3.00 and these are the candle sets that were under $5.00 for the pair.

Here is what I did for under $5.00:

Project #2 – Wine Glass Candles

These were really fun to create too. However I had to really find some decorative ones. I did not want just plain smooth wine glasses, though they would work too. At the dollar store I found these really pretty etched and raised wine glasses. I brought them home and we removed the stickers from the bottom of both wine glasses, thoroughly washing them to remove any additional residue.

We then poured some of the natural smooth pebbles into each wine glass. While shopping, I had tested several different candle sizes, and widths with the wine glasses and these were the two that I liked the best. We placed a candle in each wine glass, firmly pushing it down until it touched the pebbles. Then we were done. Again, a super frugal, fun and creative decorating idea. Each candle cost $1.00 and each wine glass cost $1.00. That is $4.00 plus a portion of the pebbles which were used in all projects. Not bad for a little decorating?

I am not done yet. My favorite is still to come. A little later this evening, I am going to show you one last project that completed our mantle. In addition, I will reveal the complete mantle and what it looks like with everything in place.

Please stay with me in the Frugal blog and feel free to tell me about any cool ideas you have tried.

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