Understanding Employer Provided Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Working Americans fortunate enough to have private health insurance are covered under an employer provided group health insurance plan. There are two popular plans employers might choose for their worker’s benefits package. A standard indemnity health insurance policy, allows employees and their insured dependents the freedom to visit any health care provider they choose. The cost of the appointment or medical service is paid out of pocket by the employee and insurance plan reimburses covered members for a portion of the paid services.

The other most common health plan employers choose is a managed care plan. Managed care plans offer member employees medically necessary care with the most cost-effective, and least expensive, way possible. Employees and their dependents are required to visit health care providers approved and included by the managed care plan. Most managed care plans require a co-payment from the patient, but in some cases all health care received from the approved providers on the plan may be covered.

It’s important for employees and families to understand as much as possible about the health insurance plan they are offered by their employer. Knowing how the coverage works and the limitations puts us in better position to make educated choices when we need medical care.

Rising costs of prescriptions medications, access to more sophisticated scientific testing and tools along with the high rate of uninsured Americans has stretched the health care system to near breaking point. Insurance packages offered to employers as benefit packages they can give to their works have consistently offered, less at a higher cost over the last several years.

In our own situation, my husband works for a huge international company and has for over ten-years. Every year, his benefits package is changes, and we are asked to select the new coverage. We are lucky our employer can even give us choices, however over these years the choices we have been offered cost more and offer less.

Health Care in America is in crisis the Census Bureau reports the number of uninsured Americans was 46.6 million in 2005, with 15.9 percent of Americans lacking any health coverage.

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