Unique Baby Girl Names

baby Most parents want a unique name for their baby, one that will stand out from a crowd, or at least one that won’t have your child competing with five other kids with the same name. For our kids, we chose classic names that weren’t too popular at the time. Unfortunately, others must have had the same idea, since we keep coming across other little girls and boys with the same names. My youngest, Henry is the only exception, so far, although I have been told that the name is rising a bit in popularity due to Julia Roberts.

Still, if you want a truly unique name, it isn’t too hard to find one. You want to strike a balance between finding a name that is different but not bizarre or hard to relate to. A unique name generally carries no baggage. Not many people have heard of it before, so there is no preconceived ideas of what that name connotes. Therefore, your child can make it her own.

Here is a list of some unique baby girl names. These names were compiled from names listed at the following websites: BabyNamesGarden.com, unique-baby-names.org, topuniquebabynames.com and 2babynames.com.

Do you see anything you like? Today I really like Aldabella.

Aaid, Abedabun, Abella, Abia, Acacia, Adia, Adie, Adila, Adin, Adina, Adita, Adoncia, Aldabella, Bahira, Ballard, Bashiga, Betheli, Brienne, Briony, Cacey, Chiara, Dalena, Easter, Fabiola, Fabunni, Fahima, Fala, Falala, Fanchon, Fancy, Fannie, Fanny, Fantasia, Farfalla, Fiorenza , Flick, Gaia, Gemma, Ghita, Giacinta, Gianina, Happy, Iola, Jacinthe, Jacquelynne, Jady, Jaine, Jenaya, Kohinoor, Lettice, Majella, Nekane, Odelia, Opal, Posy, Ralphina, Saffron, Tablita, Tacita, Tadewi, Tadita, Tahira, Tahirah, Tahlia, Taigi, Tailynn, Taini, Taja, Takala, Tarina, Unity, Valentia, Wilda, Xantara, Xanthe, Xaria, Xaviera, Xaviere, Xena, Xenia, Xhosa, Xia, Xiahe, Xiang, Xiaohong, Ximena, Xinquian, Xinavane, Xiomara, Xiu, Yaffa, Zinnia.

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