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Bulletproof backpacks and “Slow Down” signs may not be on your child’s school supply list, but you might consider investing in them anyway once you read the rest of this blog.


Forget about having your child make a fashion statement with his backpack. If you really want to keep your student safe at school, then get him a bulletproof bag.

My Child’s PackIt is one of the most popular bulletproof backpacks on the market. The non-descript bag can stop an assortment of bullets, including 9-millimeter hollow point bullets. The backpack’s creator says the bag is multi-purpose. For example, if your child has the backpack next to him, or under the desk, he can use the straps as a handle and the bag becomes a shield.

The bulletproof backpack sells for $175. The cost may appear hefty, but parents who have purchased the bag say it buys peace of mind that you can’t put a price tag on.


In a few weeks the streets around schools will be bustling with students on bikes, scooters and roller blades zipping off to class. As a result, law enforcement officials are already targeting certain neighborhoods located near schools to remind drivers that traffic patterns will be changing when classes start.

To aid in keeping students safe while they travel to and from school AAA is offering free red and white yard signs that read “Slow Down and Watch for Kids” and “Thanks for Slowing Down.” The signs are available at AAA offices nationwide, so if you live near a school, you might consider picking up a few and displaying them where motorists can see them.

Need more motivation to do so? Consider this: According to statistics, in the United States a pedestrian is injured or killed in traffic accidents every five hours. What’s more, children between the ages of five and 14 account for nearly 40% of those accidents.

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