Unique New Year’s Eve Travel Destinations

If you are not into the pomp, and the “BOOM! BANG! POW!” associated with rowdy New Year’s Eve blow outs; consider ushering in 2012 at the following locales:

Death Valley

The Eastern California landmark is located in the Mojave Desert and features some of the driest and hottest parcels of land in North America. Despite its popularity with travelers during the holidays, you won’t be kept awake with firework shows on New Year’s Eve. You also won’t have to contend with noisy neighbors partying until dawn. Rather, you can soak up the silence under the stars in the park’s three million acres. The desolate surroundings are the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful start to the New Year.


If you are into fiery festivities, then head to the Netherlands to bid farewell to 2011. New Year’s Eve bashes in the quaint country are all about lighting up the night sky, but not with traditional holiday pyrotechnics. Rather, residents spend the last night of the year dragging their Christmas trees into city streets and torching them in massive bonfires. The New Year’s Eve cul-de-sac tree fires are meant to keep bad spirits away. In case you are concerned about the dangers involved when you combine raucous New Year’s Eve revelers with torches, know that these traditional fires take place under the supervision of local officials and the people lighting the pines on fire are professionals.


Forget about the boom, boom, pow-filled New Year’s Eve celebrations complete with fireworks, ball droppings and drunken cheers. If you are looking for a way to crash your way into 2012, then head to Copenhagen, Denmark. On December 31st, the Danes forget about the traditional champagne toasts and instead get out their chipped dishes. Residents have a long-standing tradition of throwing dishes against their friends’ front doors. According to local legend, the homeowners with the biggest pile of ceramic on their porch will have the happiest New Year.

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