Unlikely Friends

The most unlikely of friends – those words could describe Edward Cole and Carter Chambers in the movie ‘The Bucket List.’ The friendship did not get off to an auspicious start. They appeared to have nothing in common, except sharing a hospital room. Then they each received the news they only had a few months or possibly a year to live.

So begins the unlikeliest friendship, as they start off on a journey together to cross off a number of activities written on ‘the bucket list,’ so called because it is things they would like to do before they ‘kick the bucket.’

The movie follows this unlikeliest friendship. In the process of ticking off items on that list, changes occur.

Jesus also made a habit of choosing those the world would consider the unlikeliest of friends. He chose not the well educated and literate, but a number of fishermen to join his band of followers, Matthew 4:18-22. He chose the tax collector Matthew, Matthew 9:9 and He chose the skeptic Nathanael, John 1:46-51.

Jesus was criticized for the friends He chose. He was criticized by the religious leaders for associating with tax collectors and sinners,Matthew 9:10-13.

Even after his ascension, Jesus continued to choose unlikely friends. Who else would have dared choose Saul, a zealot intent on doing all he could to stamp out those who believed in Jesus? See Acts 9:1-22. Jesus choose this unlikely individual to become one of the greatest advocates for the Christian church and was used mightily by God to establish any number of churches, to train leaders and to write a number of letters that form a large proportion of our New Testament.

As for Peter, the one who denied his Lord three times,Luke 22:54-61, Jesus chose him to be another great leader of the early church, Luke 22:31 and Acts 2:14-42. Yes, Jesus chose unlikely friends, even Judas, one who He knew would betray Him,John 13:10-11,18, 26-30 and Matthew 25:47-50

Our Lord doesn’t always choose those we might consider suitable. Just look at 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. It’s something for us to keep in mind in our dealings with people. At times Jesus may call us to what appears to be an unlikely friendship. Is there someone in your community or workplace that you need to befriend? Maybe you are the one God has chosen to be the aroma of Christ to them,2 Corinthians 2:14-16.

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