Update on My Weekend

For the ones of you keeping up with my blogs, my weekend was great! My nieces were very excited to see us arrive at their school. They had already won some ribbons and were eager to show them off.

When we arrived at the school, my nieces’ classes (they are in separate classrooms) were having lunch. I was very surprised because the school is very small. The student body only totals 250 children. The school has grades kindergarten through fourth.

I had always expected Nashville schools to be large and elaborate. I live in the ‘country’ in a very rural area. When I think of the city of Nashville, I automatically stereotype everything as being bigger and better. However, the school was older, more outdated, and smaller than any in my school system. The school was well maintained but not updated.

After lunch, we moved on the games. The field day was held outside on the school campus and in the gymnasium. It was very convenient because the two classes that my nieces are in followed each other from game to game. That way we got to see both girls compete at almost everything.

The school was using parent volunteers and ‘special’ teachers, such as art and music, to man the games. The entire day seemed to be very well organized and thought through. The field day, along with my school’s field day, is planned by the physical education teacher.

It was very nice to stand back and enjoy the events without having to worry about discipline (except for my two children). I also found it humorous to watch the teachers because I knew exactly what they were thinking and feeling!

Overall everything, my trip and the school’s field day, was great! I would love to visit more schools and events. I love talking to teachers from other locations. I also love being a visitor and seeing things from a different perspective.

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