USA Voice

I have just discovered a new website that is a cool place to get information. USA Voicelaunched in July 2006 and is said to be the world’s fastest growing news organization. I actually heard about them when I found an e-mail in my inbox asking if I would like to be a reporter for them. Don’t worry faithful readers — if I do get the position I plan on staying right here at as well.

In any case, USA Voice offers information about almost any topic of interest. From news and business, to sports and entertainment, USA Voice is easy to navigate and a pleasure to read. When you first get to, the new page automatically comes up with many articles from which to choose. On the left-hand side, there is a menu with several other topics: business, sports, life, arts, and a link to an application for employment. At the bottom of the left-hand side there is a small box that hold statistics for stocks, as well as a box where you can type in a stock abbreviation and get a quote.

I love that USA Voice has an array of topics. Each category has a different color, so that when you click on one the screen changes. Under the Life category, you can read about gaming, health, beauty, get dating advice, and read about local destinations from all over the country. If you prefer to read about the Arts, there are literary reviews, movie and television reviews, music reviews, and even celebrity gossip. I read an article the other day by one of their reporters who auditioned for season six of “American Idol.” Isn’t that cool?

USA Voice really encourages reader involvement. At the bottom of any article, you can find a note entitled “Voice Your Opinion.” If you register on USA Voice, which just takes a few moments and is free, you can leave a comment on any article.

USA Voice is still relatively small as far as the information that is on their site. They are working on hiring more reporters and editors. I think a big thing that will help is advertising, which is what I am attempting to do by writing this blog. I hope that you will check out this site because it is pretty cool. And while you’re there, you might want to consider applying to be a reporter. From what I gather, they are still looking for people in all areas of the country.

Please visit and enjoy a change in the news scene!